How-to: Set a Medicine Reminder

Learn how to set a Medicine Reminder on GenWise and take care of your family members from anywhere!
How-to: Set a Medicine Reminder
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GenWise allows you to set a medicine reminder for either yourself or anyone else in your family through just a few clicks! You can take care of your family remotely, no matter where you live, through features like monthly performance reports, alerts for when your family members miss a medicine, etc.

Here is how you can set a Medicine Reminder on your phone:

1. Open the GenWise App on your phone, and click on ‘Medicine Reminder.’ (refer to Image 1)

2. Click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom of the screen. (refer to image 2)

3. You can choose to set the reminder for yourself or any of your verified family members. Select accordingly.

4. Add the time in HH:MM format and choose AM/PM, for example, 05:00 PM for an evening medicine at 5.(refer to image 3)

5. In the ‘Reminder Name’ tab, you can type anything like ‘BP ki dawai.’

6. You have to now select how often should the Reminder be played – everyday or just once.

7. Click on ‘Create Now.’

8. You can choose who the alert would be sent to, if you or your family members misses the medicine.

9. Under the ‘Medicine Details’ tab, you can add details like medicine name, the quantity of the said medicine, and the duration of the course. (refer to image 4)

10. Click on ‘Finish’ and your reminder is set! You can edit or delete the reminder any time by going to the ‘edit or delete reminders’ tab. (refer to image 5)

This is how you set a Medicine Reminder on the GenWise App. You can now manage your health better, and take a step closer towards a healthy lifestyle!