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Elders and Their Love for Good Morning Wishes

In India, mornings have a special place in the heart of our Elders. And making them more special are their Good Morning Wishes!
Elders and Their Love for Good Morning Wishes
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Elders and Their Love for Good Morning Wishes

In India, mornings have a special place in the heart of our Elders. They believe in starting the day with positivity and love, and what better way to do this than to send Good Morning Wishes to your loved ones on WhatsApp? And that’s what they do! 

What Emotional Connect Do Good Morning Greetings Have?

For our Elders, sending and receiving Good Morning wishes isn’t just a routine - it's a tradition deeply rooted in their way of expressing love. It gives them an emotional boost of happiness to be woken up to Greetings sent by friends and family members. They feel a sense of pride to do the same for others.

With our Elders embracing WhatsApp, this routine has become a very important part of their lives. They search up google or save the forwarded Greetings to try to be the one sending the most unique ones the next day. The thrill of it all is beautiful to have in their lives!

However, now that they have the wide scope of the internet to find the best greetings, it has also become a challenge for them to understand the different arenas they can search. The Greetings now cannot be only limited to something being downloaded from the internet, our Elders want to put their emotions in it, to customise their Greetings and to be given the freedom to express themselves freely!

Top 3 Apps for Good Morning Wishes

To make things easier, here are top 3 Apps our Elders can use to create or find unique Good Morning Greetings!


Canva is a platform where our Elders can choose from pre-made templates or add their own images to edit and customise as their Greetings. With a lot of options to edit, and the distinction of Free and Paid features, this can also be confusing for them to navigate through. However, Canva gives them the freedom to edit their photos and make them into greetings as they wish!

Google Chrome

Google is the home to everything available on the Internet. Whether it is finding the Good Morning Wishes or to watch a video of some celebrity wishing you birthday, Google has everything! Here, our Elders can search for thousands of Good Morning Wishes and send it to their WhatsApp Chats. However, the only drawback of Google is that the vast variety of things also pose the confusion and indecisiveness of choosing which one is ‘the best.’


GenWise the the one place where our Elders can find over 1 Lakh unique Good Morning Wishes or any other Greetings, and at the same time get an easy 3-tap way to customise it in their own style! From adding their name to voice, and even picture, GenWise provides our Elders with a one-stop solution to all the creativity they need for their Wishes and Greetings! And the best past? It’s Free!

Concluding, in a fast-paced world, it's the simple gestures that matter the most. For our elders, exchanging good morning wishes is more than just a ritual – it's a way of expressing love, spreading joy, and staying connected with family and friends. So, let's continue to shower them with heartfelt messages every morning and make their day a little brighter!


  1. GenWise kya hai?

GenWise is India's Largest Online Club for Elders which takes care of all their needs and provides them with a space to connect, stay entertained, and make their lives easier with Exclusive Services!

  1. Does GenWise have WhatsApp Greetings?

Yes! With GenWise's WhatsApp Greetings, our Elders get treated to 1Lakh+ unique images which can be customised with their Name, Photo, Voice and any other Music.

  1. What is GenWise Saathi?

Loneliness is a growing problem amongst Elders. To tackle this, GenWise Saathi provides them with trained Saathis to talk to, who would listen to all their problems and provide advice. GenWise also provides our Elders with Astrologers on App whom they can connect with, and get the solution to all their life problems!

  1. How do I become a member?

To become a member, all you have to do is Download the GenWise App and register with your phone number!