How-to: Share Greetings on WhatsApp

Learn how to share WhatsApp Greetings and customize your own special ones!
How-to: Share Greetings on WhatsApp
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Say goodbye to stale and forwarded WhatsApp images! GenWise provides you with 100000+ unique images across different categories to share your greetings in your own style! The images on GenWise are completely customizable with your name and voice note.

Let’s see how you can share these unique Greetings to WhatsApp:

1. Open the GenWise App and click on ‘WhatsApp Greetings.’ (refer to image 1)

2. There are various categories that you can choose from, e.g, good morning, have a good day, religious sites, etc.

3. Choose your preferred category and image from the category. (refer to image 2)

4. When you click on the image, there would be two options – ‘add details’ and ‘share.’ You can choose to add your details or share the image directly. (refer to image 3)

5. After clicking on ‘Add Details’ tab, you will be asked if you want to include your name on the image. If you select ‘yes,’ your desired name would appear on the image. (refer to image 4)

6. Clicking on ‘Next’ tab would take you to the voice recording feature where you can say anything and add it to the image. You can skip this if you want. (refer to image 5)

7. Finally, you have your image ready and can send it to anyone by clicking on the ‘Share’ tab below. (refer to image 6)

8. Just select WhatsApp and the chat you want to send the greeting to, and voila! It is done!

Now you can say goodbye to sharing the old forwarded images, and start expressing your Greetings in your style!