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We do not have any open opportunities at the moment.

However, if you connect with our mission and would like to work with us, please send an email on

Benefits at GenWise

We’re a team of tech-first problem solvers who have empathy towards elders and have a passion to learn & execute in a collaborative environment.

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Bring impact to every Home

Bridge generations digitally & bring a smile to 25 crore+ Indian elders

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Learning opportunity

Work on latest technologies and challenging problems

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Career & Growth

Unconventional growth path, upgrade to next level at any point in time & not year end

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Health & Wellness

Enjoy health insurance benefits for yourself and loved ones (including parents) at No Extra Cost

Career Hierarchy

We have decided a non-conventional ladder for our company and it goes as 'Partner' --> 'Captain' --> 'Leader'. Each ladder is linked to scope of role and as soon as your role upgrades to next level, the role title changes accordingly at that moment without waiting for year-end.