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How to Stay fit after 50

Stay fit after 50 with 5 daily habits! Exercise, eat well, prioritize sleep, socialize, and relax.
How to stay fit after 50
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How to Stay Fit after 50

Just hit your big half-century? Time to celebrate but also, time to take better care of yourself. Don’t worry, we are not going to scare you by telling all the things that can go wrong. Instead, we are sharing a few things you can and should do to stay fit and hit a century

So, here are the 5 things you need to do everyday and include in your lifestyle-

Physical activities (60 minutes every day)

Walk everyday for your heart: Walking 30 minutes a day is a great way to keep your heart and body active. Whether you prefer morning or evening walks, or after dinner, make sure to walk everyday.

Exercise for your body: A healthy heart lives in a healthy body. Giving 15-30 minutes for mild exercise like stretching, running or even fun dancing will help your body stay fit and flexible.

Relax your mind with Yoga & meditation: Last but not the least, our brain is what keeps us going! Only 15-30 minutes of Yoga and meditation a day can have lasting effects and keep you ready for the next 50 years.

Eat Well

We have all heard that eating well is important, whether you are 15 years old or 50. But it becomes even more important because our body requires higher energy levels to keep us fit. Do these 3 things to give your body all-rounded nutrition.

Eat all colours of food: Eat fruits, green and other vegetables, consume rice and wheat in moderate quantities. If you are a non-vegetarian, include high-protein meat in your diet but eat in limit. Do not consume highly processed and fried foods.

Drink 3-4 litres of Water- Make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body happy and hydrated.

Eat and chew slowly: We have all heard that food should be chewed slowly. It keeps your digestive system healthy and ready for the future.

No compromise on sleep

Sleep well- Try to get about 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Men should sleep for 7-8, and women need 8-9 hours of daily sleep to keep their mind, heart and body ready for everyday’s work.

Afternoon naps- Our childhood favourite. Take a 20-30 minute nap in the afternoon after your lunch, to get enough energy for the second half of the day. But avoid naps in  the evening or 5-6 hours before bedtime.

Listen to Your Body: If you're feeling tired, it's okay to take a break and rest. Your body needs time to recharge!

Friends and family are also your energy source

Meet and greet:  Spending time with friends and family is a great way to keep yourself happy and healthy. Mental satisfaction comes from community, and it helps deal with loneliness.

Join a Club: Joining a club in your society or group that shares your interests to meet new people, stay engaged and entertained.

Learn new technology- Technology has been making our lives easier for the past 100 years, and right now, so much can be done with just your phone, wherever you are. Try learning new things,

Mind your mind

Relax-You have worried about life, raising children, building a family for many years now. It is time you take your time to relax and build comfort for yourself. Give yourself 15-20 minutes everyday to relax, think about things and appreciate how far you have come in life.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: It is okay and completely natural to feel stuck somewhere. Asking for help is natural. Humans prefer to seek company and comfort, and do not consider yourself to be an exception to this.

Stay engaged: Have fun, play games, meet and talk to people, relax and do not worry about things that might not have an impact on your life.

Staying healthy is not just about physical health, but emotional and mental health as well. Focusing on your physical health through exercise, eating healthy can help your body stay fit for the future. Taking care of your mental health through Yoga, meditation, staying engaged will keep your mind ready to support your body. And most importantly, taking care of your emotional health, being with and around people and friends will keep you prepared for your next 50 years, because we know that you can.

GenWise Club: Your partner after 50

GenWise club is specially designed to cater to all the needs of your life after 50. You can find Yoga and meditation events everyday for physical health. Play games like tambola and quiz, with the community members, learn new technology from the experts. Set medicine reminders so you never forget or miss anything important. Meet new people based on your interests to connect and make new friends with other community members. And for your emotional health, we have GenWise Saathi - our trained professionals, who are like your friends and you can talk to them about your life, good or bad, seek help or just share about day to day activities, and never feel lonely again.

It’s time to take your life to the next level, and we at GenWise are here to help.